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We are one of the most prominent and best Server Repair & Maintenance Co. in Vancouver, BC since mid-90'. Our professional experts can help to solve your problem. Please call today: (604)730 2632 * Cell: (604)781 1639 Contact: Alex

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A/ BCServerPro Professional Services

BCServerPro offers our clients a vast array of sophisticated enterprise system solutions and technical services from which they can select on amix-and-match basis to formulate just the service package they require.

Our mission is to cultivate innovative and practical solutions on a solid foundation of IT experience.

Our aim is to apply the best solutions with rich experience, based on a flexible basis, in order to obtain the desired business results.

B/ BCServerPro Cloud Service

Whether you’re a traditional IT reseller looking to provide cloud technology solutions for the first time or a cloud service provider with existing cloud managed services, BCServerPro can help you take your cloud solutions business to the next level.

Digital transformation is driving businesses to increase their agility and relevance in the marketplace.

In turn, subscription and consumption-based IT service models are evolving at a rapid pace and disrupting traditional technology consumption.

BCServerPro offers a broad range of cloud business solutions from productivity and communications SaaS to the more advanced IoT and cognitive computing.

BCServerPro Secure Modern Workplace with Secure Score enforces Multi-Factor Authentication for Global Admin users along with password reset policies as a baseline for the Office 365 tenant.

C/ Software Subscription

SMEServerPro provides formulation and negotiation of specific software purchase plans for our customers in licensing options and program management, roll-out, logistics, licenses inventory administration, regular pricing updates, and contract renewal and extensions for wide range of software products.


Our Services

Please call today: (604)730 2632 * Cell: (604)781 1639 Contact: Alex

BC Server Pro renders wide range of services for Server, Network and othe related affairs.


We can assist you to tackle all of these challenges. When there is a need to replace old servers, or even switch to a completely different business IT system, it could be done smoothly and seamlessly with our assistance.


We provide tailored and effective IT solutions that fit for your organization according to the current situation and requirements.

Professional consultancy services aimed to optimize existing IT infrastructure and propose new IT solutions.

Our effective consultation & planning could help organizations to achieve their business and IT goals with informed and cost-effective advice, proven technologies and best-practice services.


We provide the highest quality and reliable post-development service that making sure the entire IT-infrastructure runs smoothly and reliably and delivers benefits to your organization. Our flexible and reliable support packages offer effective support and maintenance services that help to safeguard the delivery of core IT services and change projects.

Our Work

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6325 Fraser Street, Suite 205,Vancouver, BC V5W 3A3, Canada.
Tel/Cell: 604-781-1639

Monday to Friday: 9:30AM-5:30PM
Closed for Lunch: 1:00pm-2:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am-3:00pm (by Appointment)
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